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I was born in M√úNSTER, grew up to some extent in HAMBURG, gained experience all over the WORLD, including some honest WORK. Even though Hamburg was always my favorite place to stay, my job allowed me to get to know different CULTURES, countries and their PEOPLE on all continents. Today I live in BERLIN and Hamburg.

I am of the opinion that BOTH are always right. If you listen to each other, are honest and put people at the center of your interest, you can only LEARN and benefit from each other. I have also sharpened my senses by SEEING and PRODUCING thousands of FILMS. If I want to, I can also listen quite well, especially to ELECTRONIC MUSIC.

If you haven’t seen “BIRTH”, “HEAVEN” and “HAROLD UND MAUDE” yet and haven’t heard “CONSUMED”, you should do so urgently. One of my absolute favourite brands is Udo LINDENBERG, whose straightforwardness, openness, honesty, strength and message are not only something that many people, but above all BRANDS, can take a leaf out of his book.

Because I have gotten to know all facets of PRODUCTION in over 20 YEARS and understand the needs of all sides – those of the COMPANIES, those of the FILM PRODUCTIONS and those of the advertising AGENCIES, I can advise in all areas with the intersection of FILM and PHOTO.